Shocker: CA DMV is a mess!

I enjoyed reading the ‘breaking news’ story (linked from the Drudge Report) about how CA’s DMV is a mess…I’m still waiting for the part that is supposed to be surprising…still waiting…still waiting.

The story highlights several residents of CA who have been waiting for anywhere from 1-3 months for a new ‘super secure’ CA Driver’s License. Naturally, the delay is not the fault of the bureaucratic state workers, but with the private company that has the contract to make these licenses. The new design is apparently SO complex that they take a month to make!

So riddle me this– if this were a private company (and not a state agency full of 9-5 bureaucrats), would a MONTH-long delay in production be tolerated? No, of course not. Since this is a government agency however, CA residents are told they will have to wait at least a month and that if it inconveniences them, well that’s just too dang bad! One other point — I couldn’t help but notice that there were no delays in the DMV’s ability to cash the checks paying for these new licenses…

Government workers make me crazy, and this another perfectly good reason why I do NOT want these people making life and death decisions about my health care!

(Read the full story here)

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