Arizona Tragedy

When I woke up today I was planning on writing a blog post on how messed up kids are today because of the recent shooting of a school Vice Principal and some stuff that’s going on in my life. That rant will have to wait for another day because when I turned the news on today, I was shocked to see reports that a Member of Congress had been shot.
Like everyone I was shocked and horrified at the news, and like those in my generation– I immediately went online for the full story. After searching several news sites i eventually ended up on Twitter. While most of the posts were offering prayers and sympathy for all involved, one A-hole in particular (sorry mom for the language) expressed his true concern:
“I hope this doesn’t lead to a huge new wave of Congressional security. Fact is assassination still extremely rare.”
I was floored by this. I highly doubt that the rarity of this random act of violence is comforting Rep Gifford’s family tonight and I know for a fact it is not comforting the family of the 9 yr old girl who was killed!
The fact is that elected officials are incredibly open to these types of attacks because they strive to be accessible to their constituents and ONE of these attacks, yes even ONE is too many. Anyone who says otherwise or attempts to use this tragedy for political gain should be ashamed of themselves.
(PS the guy’s Twitter name is mattyglesias please feel free to hate him along with me…)

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