Crazy is as crazy does.

I hinted in my last post that we would see some ‘politicization’ of the tragic shooting of Rep Giffords and murders of 6 innocent people, well the spin has not only begun– it is in high gear! The hard left is searching for any connection between Jared Loughner and the right, i.e. the Tea Party movement in general and/or Sarah Palin in particular. Finding none, they have been forced to fabricate that connection and that is where they have crossed over, in my opinion, from journalism to advocacy.

Loughner had a series of run-ins with his teachers,  friends and campus police at his local community college. Why did he have these troubles with the law? Was it because he was peacefully expressing his pro-tea party views? NO, it was because he was a deranged lunatic whom former teachers feared would come to school one day with a gun and shoot up the place. He was suspended from his community college and was banned from returning until he could prove that he had sought counseling, and had been cleared by a mental health professional to return to school. This is not how a ‘normal’ student is treated.

While Jared Loughner fancied himself a deep-thinker, the reality is that his incoherent ramblings were less about his professed obsessions over promoting literacy and the ‘gold standard’ and were more likely just an outlet for his rage. He had run-ins with Rep Giffords office for several years and witnesses have mentioned his ‘grudge’ against Rep Giffords since at least 2007.  Riddle me this, how could a movement that was not yet in existence have caused this deranged young man to commit murder?

Critics of the Tea Party movement point to the use of the gold standard as the one common policy area between the Tea Party platform and Loughner, the fact is that he did not subscribe to this policy at all but instead created his own currency. What could possibly be farther from encouraging the gold standard than creating your own currency! Even Oprah Winfrey, who is known for her self-promotion and famously has a magazine where she graces the cover…every month (and she is now starting her own television network named…the Oprah Winfrey Network) would never go so far as to coin her own currency. The woman certainly loves to promote her own image and her name, but even she would not attempt such a feat. (Well, maybe just for the ‘Oprah Book Club’ fans…)

The point is this, crazy is as crazy does. Loughner did not commit these deplorable and heinous acts because Sarah Palin crept into his dreams and told him to do it, he did these things because he was a racist wack-o (that’s my technical term) pure and simple, and nut jobs who kill innocent people should get the death penalty. Period.

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