CA Taxpayer’s $$ Wasted, State Auditor Finds

While it’s not often that I would cite an article from the LA Times, this one bears repeating:  “California taxpayers’ money wasted, misused, state auditor finds…Brown is alerted to hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste and fraud, complicating his plan to convince voters to extend expiring tax increases.”

Wait, LA Times- so what you’re saying is that there is waste in state agencies that we could cut before we raise taxes? GET OUT OF TOWN!? Are you serious? Who knew?

There are tons of examples where we can, and must, cut state spending, this was only one of many — but it’s a perfect example of our broken state. ENJOY! :)

“Among the cases she highlights is that of an incompetent prison psychiatristwho should have been quickly removed from the payroll but lingered there for three years while the state “investigated.” The cost to taxpayers, according the Howle: at least $366,656 as the employee received his full salary, was granted two merit-based raises (emphasis added) and was given 226 hours in leave — worth $29,149 — that was paid to him when he left. “Through our investigations, we found patients placed at risk and state funds wasted during the continued employment of an incompetent psychiatrist, misuse of state resources, theft of registration fees, and failure to protect the security of confidential documents,” Howle wrote…

We have a state government that is out of touch and spending increases that are on ‘automatic pilot,’ what we need to do is take a long, hard look at the bureaucratic culture of Sacramento. If Jerry Brown wants to make meaningful changes in CA, he should start there…

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