School Choice: Isn’t it just common sense at this point?

When I was in grad school I wrote a paper on ‘School Choice’ and the more I looked into the issue the more it seemed to be a common sense solution to empower parents to take control of their kid’s education. However, as we saw with the destruction of the Washington D.C. charter system, this debate is far from settled.  It seems that for some, it is as much of a hot-button issue as abortion or socialized medicine and evokes an equally passionate response.

I was recently reviewing an aricle from Reason and they were discussing education reform policies with former Florida Gov Jeb Bush.  While all education reforms are (apparently) controversial, he really seemed to have some common sense solutions that provide greater access to quality education, and after all — shouldn’t that be our goal? (See the Jeb Bush interview here: Jeb Bush, School Choice)

He spoke passionately about reforms such as ‘digital learning’ and how online tools can eliminate the barriers of entry for good teachers, etc.  In California, we rank 48th and 49th in the nation in terms of science and math, isn’t it about time that we started looking for REAL common-sense solutions to these problems, regardless of which teacher’s union is offended by those solutions?? (For some fun articles on the topic, see below)

Thanks to Labor and PLA’s, Read about the most expensive high school in the nation here (yep, it’s in LAUSD):

Read more here:

See where Teacher’s Union $ goes:

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