I have diagnosed Obama…

After following the POTUS for about three years now, I have finally figured him out…you heard it here folks,  the POTUS has Split Personality Disorder. He has to. I am convinced.

It has to be- that is the only way a politician could simultaneously call for :

  • More spending and a reduction in the deficit (without raising taxes)
  • An emphasis on the rule of law and calling for a plan to grant amnesty
  • A reduction in corporate tax rates and an increase in taxes for anyone who works for those corporations
  • Increasing funding for MediCare and approval of Obamacare (which cut MediCare funding by $500 million)
  • An increase in quality education for our children, but opposing all major reforms (the solution is with the parents)

Therefore, I have decided that it must be that President Obama has a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde-sort-of internal battle going on in his mind at all times. That is the only possible explanation for his disjointed, incongruous policy goals. President Obama blamed an increase in technology for the loss of jobs in this country instead of taking the opportunity to realize that it is in fact the policies of his administration that are causing so much uncertainty in this economy that business are afraid to hire new workers– they have no idea what it might cost them!

Obama took a hard-turn to the right in portions of his speech, calling for a ban on earmarks (ummm, we did that already), decreasing spending, reducing the deficit and a reduction of the corporate tax rates; however, only time will tell if that right-turn was a directional shift in just his language or in actual policy goals. The remainder of Obama’s speech was blah, blah, blah calling for party unity and his promise to work with all those who are interested in ‘real change.’ I am afraid however, that many of these promises will fall flat as Obama’s stubborn insistence to push forward with an amnesty proposal and his efforts to double-down on Obamacare prove that he has still not heard the message that the American people sent on November 2nd.

So either the POTUS has split-personality disorder, or (gasp) he is just being insincere… you decide.

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