What Exactly Is School ‘Choice’?

I blogged a few days ago about the need for school choice reform and linked to some articles from education leaders on how to best-reform public school education.

Lately I have been seeing articles on ‘school choice’ everywhere — turns out it is ‘SCHOOL CHOICE WEEK’ – who knew??

I found a terrific article on the Heritage Foundation’s website that (I feel) correctly defines ‘choice’ and explains how the inclusion of other options does not necessarily lead to the destruction of ‘traditional’ public school education.

“But just what is “school choice,” and why is it so important? School choice takes a variety of forms: private school choice, pubic school choice, charter schools, virtual education, homeschooling, or a combination of methods. Perhaps more importantly however, is that for children—from rural towns to inner cities—school choice means a greater opportunity for academic success in a nation where public education is too often failing to meet the call.”

For the full article, click here

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