I am beginning to wonder if Obama is┬áthe history-buff that he claims to be…

As edvidneced by his SOTU address, he is currently making all policy decisions based on a guiding principle of WWRD (What Would Reagan Do?).

One lesson that he SHOULD have learned from Reagan is that when you unveil a new Presidential program, you have to name it something catchy, OR the acronym has to spell out some catch-phrase or else the public will rename it for you!

Who remembers SDI under Reagan? The answer is NO ONE, but if I asked who remembers ‘Star Wars’ under Reagan, I would hear a resounding “Ohh, now I remember…” Obama clearly did not learn that lesson as he unveiled his new program, “Winning the Future” (or as everyone now calls it, WTF?)

My headline for the day, “Obama Administration’s Official Response: WTF”

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