My Appointment with the Tax Man

I recently (on Valentine’s Day) had my appointment with the ‘Tax Man’ and when my husband and I go to our annual appointment with him he always comments on how our tax code is thoroughly messed up! I agree and gripe about higher taxes, etc. and he told me something that I found to be truly shocking…he said that Obama’s ‘rich’ people (those making $250,000) are taxed at the highest rate of 40% AND if you combine that with California state taxes of 11% those people are paying 51% of their salary in state and federal taxes! Shocking! It was difficult for me to imagine that a couple living in So Cal making $250,000/year would be paying a MAJORITY of their income to the government. When you are paying more of your salary in taxes than you actually bring home we have, in my mind, reached a tipping point –enough is enough.

I shared with the ‘tax man’ how I found that to be astonishing that the government could take the majority of someone’s check and he said ‘wait, it gets worse — that doesn’t even include MediCare, Social Security, FICA taxes, etc.’

WHAT?? People listen up– we argue back and forth about tax increases and who pays ‘their fair share’ and who needs to pay more, but when you go to work and you work hard day-in and day-out and the government is able to take more of your paycheck than your family gets — something is SERIOUSLY wrong here!

PS- I’m not in that tax bracket, but I hope to be some day and I would like to get to keep more than 49% of my paycheck…

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