States need to learn what all women already know…

As the nightly news continues to focus on the dire financial situation of state budgets across the country, I am left wondering this — why can’t union bosses understand that we need to live within our means? Those protesting in Wisc. are not anti-teacher, or anti-state worker they have just come to the realization that there is NO MORE MONEY. Why can’t union bosses understand that and come to a compromise? Most of these legislatures are not trying to give them less just to be mean and nasty, but they are instead attempting to balance their budgets.

I know that union leadership has a vested interest in gaining MORE benefits, not less, but at what point do they realize that the state legislature is unable to give more because they simply don’t have any more resources to give.

Studies show that in the majority of households today, women make the financial decisions and have become the Chief Household Officer (CHO), as all of my fellow CHOs know, we can not spend more than we take in every month. (I can not imagine a more basic economic principle than that.) So perhaps the solution is to give each of these legislators a virtual ‘state checkbook’ and require that for every new program they want to create, or every new spending bill they introduce, they must literally balance their virtual checkbooks. The state budget process has become so convoluted that in many instances legislators are using ‘fuzzy math’ to hide the real costs of their pet programs, so the only solution is to have a public balance sheet for all to see.

I would like to draft some of my fellow CHOs to travel to Madison, Wisc. and Sacramento, CA etc. and give these elected officials a lesson in basic math…

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