Make no Mistake: Budget Compromise is a GOP Victory

As you know, a deal was reached on the Continuing Resolution (CR) late last night. When I turned on the TV this morning every talking head with a ‘news’ show was spinning the results as a GOP loss. From FOX News (the only Member of Congress they can interview apparently is Michelle Bachamann) claiming the budget deal is a result of the GOP selling out, to MSNBC claiming this was a victory for the White House, the spin today is in full-effect. Here is my observation:

With the GOP in control of only 1/3rd of the government, they were successful in negotiating for 2/3rds of what they wanted, I’d say that’s a victory. On the other hand, the Obama budget called for a ‘spending freeze’ and $0 cuts, yet today he signed a deal with $39 Billion in cuts–hardly a win for the White House if you ask me.

Spin aside, here is a breakdown of the main elements of the deal:

-Includes cuts of $39 billion less than was budgeted for 2010 and $79 billion less than President Obama had requested.

-Bans the use of funds for the transfer of prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba to the U.S. mainland.

-Bans the use of any public funds – federal or local – to pay for abortions in the District of Columbia.

-Re-establishes a school voucher system for the District of Columbia. The program provides low-income children with vouchers to attend a school of their parents’ choice.

While not perfect, this deal represents the largest spending cut in history.  While these cuts are historic, they are not enough to cure our nation’s spending-driven debt crisis because they represent only a fraction of the problem. It is my hope that the GOP will continue to fight and continue to cut. These cuts reperesent a first-step, or a down-payment on attempting to preserve our economic future, but make no mistake, it is a step in the right direction.

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