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Ribbon of Shame

Ribbon of Shame

There is so much going on in national politics this week with the killing of Osama Bin Ladin, the debate over the release of the photos and the first GOP Presidential debate (if you can call it that…) but what about LOCAL politics?

CA voters passed an initiative that I have blogged about before, giving a commission the ability to draw the boundaries for our legislative districts.  At the past hearings various liberal groups have presented their ideas for why certain districts should be drawn a certain way, including groups sponsored by the NAACP, MALDEF and others. If you were given the opportunity would you voice your opinion as well?

Guess what? You ARE given the opportunity. For those of you in Southern California, the redistricting commission is coming to town on Thursday, May 5th in Norco and Friday May 6th in Santa Ana. Public comment period for these hearings are from 6-9pm. Show up and speak your mind!

Here is the link to the commission’s website and here is a website with some suggested comments for like-minded conservatives! Hope to see you there!

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