Capitol Takeover

Pre-made signs

I love the pre-printed signs

The CTA (California Teacher’s Association) has launched their Capitol Takeover initiative. Hundreds of California teachers descended on Sacramento today for a week-long occupation of the state Capitol to demand that  lawmakers extend a tax hike to avoid further cuts to education.

Wait a minute, you ask, “I thought those tax hikes were temporary?” That’s right, and if they were to be extended further they were supposed to go before a vote of the entire state. So, CTA what say you?  “California teachers say lawmakers and the governor are out of time to negotiate, that there’s no time to ask voters for their opinion on the tax extension. They want legislators to extend the taxes without a vote of the people.”  (OC Register) I see, we don’t have to go to the ‘people’ because there just isn’t the time??

How exactly is the CTA planning to ram this tax increase through? “And they’ve organized a Wisconsin-style takeover of the state Capitol this week to drive home their point.” (OC Register)

I’m about as averse to conflict as they come, however in this particular instance, I say ‘bring it on’ to the protests. The CTA may dub this a ‘State of Emergency,’ but friends our budget crisis is a real state of emergency, and increasing teacher salaries from the 2nd highest in the nation to the highest in the nation is not anywhere near the top of my list of priorities.

Stay tuned: “Peace activist Cindy Sheehan has announced she and other groups will will be organizing events in “solidarity” with the teachers….” Should be quite a show.

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