CA Redistricting Commission, Cont’d.

The commission is in it’s final days of deliberation before releasing a preliminary set of maps on June 10th. Are you concerned about the commission splitting your city (if you live in a large city) into several different districts?

Are you concerned that your city will be lumped in with a district that is primarily based in a different county?

Whatever your concerns are, let your voices be heard NOW or forever hold your peace! Contact the commission today, online (click here) or follow the steps below to submit a comment.   Submit a Public Comment

To submit a public comment to the commission, call us toll free at 1-866-356-5217 or send us an e-mail directly to The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is eager to accept your supplemental attachments. The following file formats are supported: .pdf and .jpg. Files not submitted in this format will not be posted on the Public Comments page.

Citizens Redistricting Commission
901 P Street, Suite 154-A
Sacramento, CA  95814
Fax: (916) 651-5711

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