A message from the State of California…

This is a test.

This is a test of the Emergency Budget System. This is only a test.

The Senate is in session today but only as a drill, and there’s some sneaky stuff going on. The budget plan that Democrats want to pass would extend vehicle and sales tax increases for another year, regardless of how the people vote (if the people vote,) even as early as September.

That means that even if voters turn down the tax hikes in three months, the taxes would stay in effect for a full year.

There’s also talk that the reforms Republicans have proposed would be bundled into the tax vote, meaning they would only go into effect if the voters approve the taxes. It forces voters to approve taxes if they want reform. If the tax vote fails, so do the reforms.

This plan is a clear violation of Jerry’s “no taxes without a vote of the people” promise.

If this plan passes and the Governor shrugs his shoulders and offers some overused talking points about how the people will eventually get to vote, but only after the taxes are passed…I have to ask, voters of California– are you getting the message yet?

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