CA Waste Of the Week (WOW)

(I am taking the following from an article I read from the CRP:)

The California Legislature: Printing Money AwayPrinting copies of laws may seem like a trivial step in the legislative process, but it’s a step that costs California taxpayers millions of dollars each year. In the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the state spent $6.5 million dollars on printing bills for the Senate and Assembly. That’s over 10 times what California plans to spend on the entire Department of Parks and Recreation in 2010,¬†and 15 times what it plans to spend on the Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission.

Is Jerry Brown’s hiring freeze working?According to the SacBee’s State Worker column, we’re nearly four months into Jerry’s state government hiring freeze. So how’s it going? From Feb. 15 through May 25, the government hired 1,516 employees, according to state controller’s payroll data. Here’s another way to view it: If you added up the initial paychecks for those new-to-government hires, you’d have about $3 million.

Legislation to Expand Local Taxing Authority Morphs Into Budget Trailer BillSBX1 23 would authorize counties, school districts, community college districts and county offices of education to impose personal income taxes, car taxes, excise taxes on almost anything but gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as an oil severance tax, and sales and use taxes at any rate.

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