POTUS taxpayer-funded bus tour… (Best of)

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In terms of the POTUS speech, there was so much good stuff out there I was a ‘retweeting’ fool. For those of you who don’t know, for ‘Twitter’ you need to have sassy commentary in 140 characters or less. Sign up, join Twitter and ‘follow’ some of the people I mention below. 

For my part, I decided to do a ‘best of’ compilation of some of the good tweets out there… enjoy!

“The buck always stops elsewhere… except… RT @andrewstilesnro: Obama is the one holding up free trade agreements” from @bdayspring

“POTUS says he didn’t call for Congress to come back early b/c he didn’t think it would make sense for them to come back + bicker.” from @jaketapper

 “WE ARE WELL AWARE OF THAT SIR…. President Obama: “I’m not giving up my golf clubs….” P.S. – Unemployment = 9.1%” from @bdayspring 

“As a young voter, thank you for spending my future and making my age demo the hardest hit in unemployment.” from @dloesch 

“It’s time to put country first” — Amazing to listen to Barack Obama use John McCain’s slogan word for word from @bret-baier

“Obama now reacting to GOP presidential debate. Seriously, how is this not a campaign event that he’s charging taxpayers for” #DebtEndTour @pounderfile

 “POTUS’s discussion of Iowa GOP debate sort of undercuts Carney’s argument that this is ain’t political.” from @samyoungman

 “I support you 100%, I voted for you in ’08 & am voting for you in 2012.”-town hall questioner. “Thank you.”-Obama. #notacampaignstopthough from @bccohan

 “Hope and Change has become “Lowered Expectations and Blame”. #debtendtour” from @RNC

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