GOP fights back against the perceived “War on Women”…

Thanks to the head honcho over at the DCCC, Debbie Waser-what’s-her-name, the Dems in Congress have a new set of talking points and they are targeted at one of the largest block of swing/independent voters in America…women. Whether you call us ‘Mama Grizzlies’ or ‘Safety/Security Moms’ the point is that we can be relied upon to vote and to vote for whomever we perceive is doing the most for our families. To that end, the new set of DCCC talking points targets the male-dominated GOP for being anti-women. They specifically refer to the “GOP War on Women” like it’s an historical fact and not just the latest Democrat buzz-word.

Well, fortunately the GOP ladies (in the House) are more likely to play the role of ‘General Patton’ than ‘damsel in distress’ and they’re fighting back with this new video…check it out. Click here: (GOP Women)


Rep McMorris Rogers

Rep McMorris Rogers

One thing I love about this is that the GOP women don’t get bogged down in single-issue pandering to women voters like they’re some kind of brainless shopping brigade, instead they focus on REAL issues that matter to all of us, boosting the economy, jobs and taking care of our families.

So, in solidarity with my sisters I have to say — Keep on fighting sista!

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