“Women’s Day”…no, seriously

While I’m sure the debate will rage until the end of time about the Equal Rights Amendment and whether or not it’s needed, I for one find myself in the ‘no’ camp on this one. I believe that all rights are given to Man (it’s capitalized for a reason, look it up) by our creator — not by our government. Therefore, when you list specific ‘rights’ that people have, the implication is that these are the ONLY rights people have.

Why rehash this now you ask? Because the Obama Administration has declared August 26th– “Women’s Equality Day” in a proclamation on Thursday. All I can say to that is ‘seriously?? After all we have achieved, you think we need a DAY?’ So, in response I have written a letter to our dear President:

Dear Obama,

1- Women are equal because we are, not because you ‘proclaim’ it to be so

2-Those who do not want us to be equal will not suddenly change their minds because you tell them to.

3-Every day is a day where we should ensure equality for all, not just August 26th

4- Women will continue to move up in leadership positions in society, education and in life because of our aptitude and our mental capacity. We will not ‘become’ equal by artificially setting quotas or by your proclamations.

I respect that you want to promote women, but do us all a favor, when looking at an appointment whether it’s for your Cabinet, the next ‘Czar’, etc. just pick the one most qualified for the position. That way, when you end up picking a woman, we will all know that it’s because we have earned it.



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