Redistricting Update: Your taxes are at risk…

As you know, the CA Redistricting Commission made a mess of our district lines in the State Assembly, State Senate and Congressional delegations. The State Senate delegation was able to successfully gather over 700,000 signatures to help qualify an initiative that would over turn their lines.

**The reason you care: without a new set of lines, it is very likely that the partisan redistricting will cause the Democrats to gain a 2/3rds super majority and more easily RAISE YOUR TAXES!!**

Recently the Chairman of the CA Republican Party sent out this note about the ProPublica article on the corrupt commission:

“Recently, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning investigative team at ProPublica cast a highly critical shadow over the way the Democrats gamed the system to their advantage with respect to the congressional districts.  We also know that the recipients of donations from at least one Democrat Commissioner benefitted from the lines that were drawn.”

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