CA Redistricting, the ‘real losers are the voters’ according to story…

You’ve seen posts here about the new CA redistricting process and how it has been co-opted by certain leftist coalitions that did not disclose their ties to the Democrat party and how several commissioners actually accepted money and donated money to Democrat candidates, none of which was disclosed.

The latest development has been the CA Courts refusing to do their duty and draw the State Senate lines for this upcoming election. The GOP was not fighting these lines because we lose seats BOOO, but because the real entity losing in this scenario is the CA voter.

Please check out this article which goes into further detail about the biased new district lines. (Excerpt Below):

The losers in this once-a-decade reshaping of the electoral map, experts say, were the state’s voters. The intent of the citizens’ commission was to directly link a lawmaker’s political fate to the will of his or her constituents. But as ProPublica’s review makes clear, Democratic incumbents are once again insulated from the will of the electorate.

Also, check out the inter-active maps to help make sense of the mess! Click HERE


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