America: Land of the Free? Or for Free? By Senator Walters

America: Land of the Free? Or for Free?

This article is from guest political chick  State Senator Mimi Walters: During Barack Obama’s watch in 2010, over 148 million Americans, or 49% of the United States population, lived in a household receiving government benefits, according to US Census Bureau data. In contrast, in 1983—during Ronald Reagan’s presidency—only 33% of the nation lived in a household receiving government benefits. In addition, approximately 35% of the population receives non-welfare benefits, such as food, housing, or children’s aid. With such high numbers it is not surprising that welfare at both the federal and state levels is the fastest growing category of government spending. In fact, annual spending for such programs increased by nearly 300 percent between 1989 and 2008. In comparison, the amount of funding to education since 1989 has only increased 143 percent, and the amount of funding to national defense has only increased 126 percent. If Americans continue to rely on the government for their livelihoods, it is just the beginning to our nation’s ultimate insolvency. According to the Congressional Budget Office Baseline projections, over the next 50 years, entitlement spending is projected to grow 1.4% annually—twice the historical rate of increase in total government spending. Click here to read the US Census Bureau’s findings.

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