The CA Legislature did WHAT?

The following bill summary is borrowed from our good friends over at the OC Business Council (OCBC) and sums up the wackiness of our state legislature pretty darn well I think… California’s unemployment rate is at 11.1%, pensions are unfunded, education needs reform, state can’t balance its budget, and what are our politicians busy doing? Introducing proposed laws that drive us crazy and are, frankly, silly. Here are some of the worst (so far): 

AB 1975 – Medical Marijuana: Pesticide Regulation: Only in California would the legislature develop guidelines to enforce state pesticide regulations on the growing of an illegal drug, by federal standards. In California, of course, never let it be said that legality stood in the way of regulations! CLICK HERE to read more.

AB 1777 – Legalizing Scattering Urns: Not content with regulating every aspect of waking life, the legislature is now moving onto the afterlife.  Despite existing law that covers the disposition of cremated human remains, apparently now we need one that specifically calls out the legality of transferring remains to a “scattering urn” before turning dear departed auntie into the sea. CLICK HERE to read more.

AB 1820 – Outlawing Push Pins: Life can be a dangerous place to hang around and certainly little ones need well-meaning adults to look out for their health and safety. Push pins have been around for 112 years and children a good deal longer than that.  Perhaps a little common sense and safety guidelines are in order, rather than penalizing push pin users and criminalizing felonious fasteners. CLICK HERE to read more.

AB 1678 – Food Truck Ban Near Schools: This bill would equate food trucks with strip clubs by banning their proximity to schools from 6am to 6pm on the grounds that they could divert kids from a “nutritious school lunch.” Seriously? No matter how well-intentioned, this is a classic “solution bill” in search of a problem.  CLICK HERE to read more.

ACR 99 – National Coupon Month: This bill would recognize September 2012 as National Coupon Month and would acknowledge the value of coupons in achieving significant savings for California’s consumers. Instead of looking for BOGO deals on tax increases, maybe California’s constituents should seek a “half off” coupon… as in a part-time legislature. CLICK HERE to read more.

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