An open letter to the President…

(Excerpts from National Review Online Article, Author: Mona Charen– It’s a SATIRICAL letter in case you miss the tone)

“Dear President Obama, As a certifiable member of the female sex, I want to thank you for preventing the Republican party from conducting a “war on women.”

Some cynics might say that you were worried about women’s declining support for Democrats. (While 56 percent of women voted Democrat in 2008, only 48 percent did so in 2010.) Still, women were 53 percent of the electorate in 2010, and while I’m sure you weren’t thinking of that, if a significant percentage can be persuaded that the Republicans wish them harm” — i.e. the “GOP War on Women”  (SC added)— you can continue to live the White House (SC added) for another four years.

“I really appreciate your insisting that insurance companies and employers provide me with free birth control without regard to my ability to pay. Giving away free stuff to the middle class has worked so well in other areas of our national life. Just look at how well Medicare is working. And Social Security. And the auto bailouts. And your recently announced plan to help speculators who bought second, third, or fourth homes with the hope of flipping them. Is this what you meant when you promised that Obamacare would reduce medical spending in the United States? I ask because it’s going to cost more to provide all these “free” services to millions of women. Well, I guess we can think about that tomorrow, like Scarlett O’Hara.

So, I love the free contraceptives, but there are other things that are important to my health that you and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius seem to have overlooked… Have you thought about calcium supplements? Every year, more women suffer osteoporotic fractures than heart attacks, strokes, and breast cancers combined. We cannot participate fully in national life with weak and broken bones. So we need free calcium supplements, along with free bone-density scans, and free hip replacements when the time comes. Also, weight-bearing exercise is good for bone health, so gym memberships should obviously be “covered” by insurance. And when I say “covered,” I mean it the way Sebelius does: Free. No co-pays. We don’t want women to be set back by decades, do we? Republicans, of course, want women to be crippled and hunchbacked. But not you . . .”

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