Why the Executive Branch Matters…

We have a system of government that functions (or doesn’t function as the case may be) as a Representative Democracy. To be sure, this system has some faults, but I believe our style of democracy is still the greatest experiment in liberty on the face of the globe today. Having said that… in our system of checks and balances, sometimes the executive branch needs more than ‘a little check’, sometimes it needs a full-force, shoulder-check into the wall! Case in point: President Obama has used his office on numerous occasions to implement significant policy changes without going through the legislative process, and sometimes in direct contrast to the expressed will of the Congress.King Obama

As an example of this, President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program is a back-door attempt to enact immigration reforms against the will of the elected representatives of the people. The House of Representatives and/or the Senate have repeatedly voted down amnesty proposals over the years, including, most recently, (another version of) the Dream Act. Despite this fact, Obama has seen fit to use his office to circumvent that whole messy ‘democracy thingy’ and instead pass down his will from on high through executive orders and executive mandates. Those are not the actions of a President, those are the actions of a dictator.

The Executive Branch of government is separate from the Legislative Branch on purpose, the President does not have the Constitutional authority to pass legislation, yet by circumventing the democratic process, that is exactly what he has done. He has implemented a program that he knows full-well goes against the will of the people and against the will of Congress.

Pay attention people, elections matter…ideas have consequences and who you vote for matters!! Think about that on November 6th!!


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