Women, Are You Better Off?

I was at a meeting recently where the discussion centered around my demographic, (women age 30-49) and why they vote the way they do. Most women in this age group begin to settle down, get married and become more conservative in their voting trends.

Our male counterparts will judge their success by their careers. If men are successful in business they are successful in life. Women (even professional women) will judge their success based on their children. If our children are happy and healthy we view our life as successful.

I have to say that before I became a mother, I would have found these comments to be ridiculous and sexist. Becoming a mother literally changes everything and I would agree that nothing in life is more important than my children. While I value my career and want to be successful, the most important thing is ensuring that I give my children the opportunity for them to be successful. We need to ensure that our children will have all of the opportunities that we had growing up, if not more.

So moms think about this– are you better off than your parents were? Can you honestly say that your children will be better off than you if things continue the way they are now? We are saddling our children with $16trillion in debt before they even get started. We need to make a decision this November about our children and about their future and what is best for them.

For the first time in our history we are in danger of breaking the fundamental American promise and the American Dream: to give our children more opportunity than we had. Think about this on November 6th and vote for Mitt Romney for President.

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