The 25 Best Moments of 2013 for Women…

According to the Huffington Post(God help us…) Here are the highlights (or low-lights as the case may be):

  • Beyonce Was Featured on the Cover of Ms. Magazine
  • More Celebrities Are Unafraid to Claim the Feminist Label
  • Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA
  • Pentagon Lifts Its Ban on Women in Combat
  • Lady Gaga Takes a Stand against Photoshopped Magazine Covers
  • Janet Yellen Is Poised to Become First Female Fed Chair
  • Indian Men Put on Skirts to Support Indian Women
  • “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Subverts Traditional Romantic Gender Roles
  • Laverne Cox Becomes the First Trans Woman of Color to Play a Trans Woman of Color on TV

GAG. This ‘highlight’ list is a reminder of why I rarely read the Huff Po.

The only real heroine on their list is Malala Yousafzai, the sixteen-year-old Pakistani woman who was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban because of her advocacy for education for women. Huffington Post doesn’t even mention the Taliban ( would that be culturally insensitive?), focusing instead on Malala’s new book and her being a runner up for a Nobel Prize. It notes that she recently “chatted it up with Jon Stewart.” Now, this is what I call getting your priorities straight, Huff Po.

If Janet Yellen has any thoughts about economics, well, forget it—only her sex matters.

And they say Republicans are waging a war on women!


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