“Politics Hits A New Low in California”

#TBT From our Guest Political Chick Karen Hanretty:

A new Field Poll out shows California politics hitting a new low:

In a just completed statewide Field Poll only 14% of the state’s registered voteres now approve of the job that the state legislature is doing, while three out of four (74%) disapprove. This is the poorest rating of the state legislature ever recorded by The Field Poll in trend measures dating back to the early 1980s.

In addition, just one in three voters (33%) approve of the job Schwarzenegger is doing, also a new low. Nearly six years ago, I worked on the press team for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gubernatorial campaign as spokeswoman. then-campaign team about his potential run for governor in a historic recall election against Governor Gray Davis.

The 2003 recall was nothing short of a political movement, with crowds and energy that paralleled a presidential campaign. To say Arnold Schwarzenegger was riding high when he won the governorship that October is an understatement. But today it appears he will finish his second term with one of the lowest approval ratings since Field started measuring in 1959.

Here’s a look back at how past California governors left office:

Gray Davis (D), August 2003 22%

Pete Wilson (R), August 1998 52%

George Deukmejian (R), August 1990 53%

Jerry Brown (D), August 1982 43%

Ronald Reagan (R), August 1974 53%

Pat Brown (D), January 1965 42%

The extreme partisanship of the California state legislature (thanks in large part to gerrymandering) makes governing difficult. But Schwarzenegger has made a number of mistakes along the way, bringing the ire of voters.

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