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There are a number of causes that we at Political Chicks would like to highlight, unfortunately if I add a thousand links to this page, I doubt any of them would get your attention so I decided to highlight just a few that promote women and children - their economic, political and personal freedom. God bless.

The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW)

The IEEW supports women all over the world, most notably through their Peace Through Business programs. “Women all over the world are embracing the philosophy that an economically sound country has a much greater capacity for peace.  PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS is a training program designed to provide long-term business education to women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda. Through our private partners, government agencies, and Institute staff, we provide a business education program in three phases: 1) In-Country Education, 2) Leadership Development, which includes Mentorship, an International Women’s Economic Summit, and Graduation.”

CLICK HERE for real life business success stories from IEEW’s graduates.


This is a cause that promotes the freedom for child soldiers who are kidnapped and forced into service, it also promotes economic development for the women and children who are refugees of this war in Central Africa.

Join the cause, educate yourself and go shopping! That’s right, shopping — click on the ‘shop’ link and your dollars go to support a great cause like empowering women! Check out the ‘MEND bags’ which allows you to purchase a handbag made in Northern Uganda and know the story of the specific woman who created it. Connect with the fashion you consume, with each purchase comes an online profile letting you connect with the woman who made your bag! Click here to be directed to the MEND bag site.

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