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This page is home to “Links We Love.” These are web pages/blogs, etc. that are in no way affiliated with the California Political Chicks website. They are referenced here as a source of information only…

The California Women’s Leadership Association

CWLA is a statewide organization of influential women who believe in free market principles that emphasize:

Smaller government and the role of government as a facilitator, not a regulator; Individual freedom; Responsibility and accountability; Economic growth through lower taxes and entrepreneurship. CWLA is more than a group of volunteers. It is more than a group that simply educates members on public policy and politics. It is an organization dedicated to launching new women leaders into elected office and other key positions of leadership. CWLA develops strategies for those who seek to become part of the political process, whether to run for office, work behind the scenes, attain appointed position or become community leaders on subjects of personal importance.

The Kitchen Cabinet

The Kitchen Cabinet was created to electronically-unite all women who are concerned about America’s economic future. Our voices and votes can re-set our nation’s priorities. The Kitchen Cabinet is attracting new women to politics — giving those who want to re-establish our free enterprise way of life a way to participate from their den, their living room or their kitchen. We are a growing force of concerned women from all communities, all age groups, ethnicities and economic levels; from college co-eds paying their way through college to the hourly worker praying for a raise.

Smart Girl Politics

Engage.Educate.Empower: Smart Girl Politics is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit dedicated to engaging, educating and empowering conservative women.

Independent Women’s Forum

he Independent Women’s Forum is dedicated to building support for free markets, limited government, and individual responsibility. IWF, a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) research and educational institution,seeks to combat the too-common presumption that women want and benefit from big government, and build awareness of the ways that women are better served by greater economic freedom.

Right NOW

RightNow! is a volunteer organization open to contemporary, forward-looking women from all walks of life and levels of experience and serves as an education resource through forums and networking opportunities.

This is the link to the official site of the CA Rep Party

Republican National Committee

This is the official website for the National Republican Party

Fox News Channel

Need I say more? FOX News Channel, the only place for ‘Fair and Balanced’ reporting.