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What Exactly Is School ‘Choice&...

What Exactly Is School ‘Choice’?
I blogged a few days ago about the need for school choice reform and linked to some articles from education leaders on how to best-reform public school education. Lately I have been seeing articles on ‘school choice’ everywhere — turns out it is ‘SCHOOL CHOICE WEEK’ – who knew?? I found a terrific article o [...]

School Choice: Isn’t it just co...

School Choice: Isn’t it just common sense at this point?
When I was in grad school I wrote a paper on ‘School Choice’ and the more I looked into the issue the more it seemed to be a common sense solution to empower parents to take control of their kid’s education. However, as we saw with the destruction of the Washington D.C. charter system, this debate is far from settled.  It se [...]