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Two words heard most often in CA: ...

Two words heard most often in CA: “Ouch” and “Cha-ching”
“Ouch”: it’s the sound businesses make in CA whenever the state legislature is in session. It seems the longer they are in session, the more damage they do to our small businesses who are already holding on by  a thread… “Cha-Ching”: The only people hearing that sound (think cash register noises) these days [...]

CA Taxpayer’s $$ Wasted, State ...

CA Taxpayer’s $$ Wasted, State Auditor Finds
While it’s not often that I would cite an article from the LA Times, this one bears repeating:  “California taxpayers’ money wasted, misused, state auditor finds…Brown is alerted to hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste and fraud, complicating his plan to convince voters to extend expiring tax increases.” Wai [...]